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Happy 4th!


Happy 4th!

SIGNAL BOOST Unless something changes, we’re looking for a roommate


$350/month and 1/3 of the utilities (water, power, gas). Close to interstate in a residential area, walking distance to parks and bus stop.

Queen size bed, large dresser, large closet, Tv with cable, wireless internet, private bathroom with bathtub/shower. Furniture is non-negotiable. Room includes access to a shared kitchen, living areas, a laundry room, and a fenced-in backyard. Additional storage would be negotiable (large garage). We have two large trained dogs and you will need to be comfortable sharing the shared living spaces with them. LGBTQ friendly of course. Southern California high desert. Message me for more info.

I would love to live with y’all! :(

A message from Anonymous
I really want to start transitioning but I'm scared and I have questions that need answers

Come off anon and I we can talk :j


The reveal

So excited for my my man, Payton! I can’t wait to see him in July!! 

1 year 10 months post-op.

2 years 1 month on T. 1 year 10 months post-op.

LIfe update. Binder Giveaway!




My partner is 3 years on T and in 3 weeks he’s going to finally be having his top surgery. As of right now we are giving away 7 of his binders. All of them are the Tri-top chest binders from Underworks. Size small

1 black
1 white
5 “nude”

They are all in used condition which is why they are FREE as long as you pay shipping.

Last time he and I gave away binders, we were lied to and the person who received them could have easily afforded them. This time we’re going to be very thorough and would love to hear your background as we are trying to give them to people IN NEED (i.e. unable to afford them on their own)

If you have a color preference please let me know via ask along with a short or long message describing your situation. We will be choosing 7 people because there are binders.

Also, we are selling his Cotton Concealer Chest Binder from Underworks for $30. Worn twice. Size small.

Hope to hear from y’all.

Binder giveaway

The cut off date is Saturday the 31st of May. If you’re interested and have not gotten ahold of me already, please do so. If you have sent me a message, expect me to get back with you by the above date as well.